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Paolo Brillo is a man with a mission: to take the best live pictures of the world's greatest musicians while they are truly lost in music. What makes Paolo different to press photographers, who are herded in the pit for three warm up songs and then shooed out, or those fans with their horrible phone cameras disturbing everyone, is that Paolo is invisible and serious about his art.

Being a pretty good guitarist himself, he has an extra affinity with musicians. He concentrates on artists who have inspired him the most, Bob Dylan in particular, but also Neil Young, Iggy Pop, Pink Floyd members, Leonard Cohen, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Van Morrison, Tom Petty, John Mayall, Willie Nelson, Richard Thompson, Paul McCartney, Nick Cave, Emmylou Harris, Rickie Lee Jones, and a bunch of younger musicians like Kaiser Chiefs, Liam Gallagher, or Anna Calvi.... (etc)

Technically superb and full of emotion as they nail The Moment over and over again, Paolo's images are also of vital historical interest and almost unique. In essence he is capturing the end of the rock and roll era. Some of his images will be the only or last remaining record of the worlds greatest rock/jazz and pop musicians, many of whom are playing with a maturity and fragile beauty that only age can bring.

I consider him to be one of the best live photographers in the world.

ISIS Magazine

Derek Barker

What can I say about Paolo Brillo? His photographs speak for themselves and they do so eloquently. His great passion for rock music shines through in all his work. Paolo has been Staff Photographer at ISIS Magazine for many years and although I know his work well, his photographs never fail to amaze me.

Bob Dylan is notoriously difficult to photograph, especially in concert. His stage lighting is subdued and moody and he is often either behind a piano or obscured by microphones. Even so, Paolo is regularly able to make unique images that capture Dylan’s otherworldly essence. Bob Dylan once said that “Dignity never been photographed.” Perhaps he’s right, but Paolo Brillo comes closer than most.

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